Saturday, 30 July 2011

Well, it's over.

We lost the location, Ecobox, due to last minute skittishness on matters of council and landowner permission, budget, and various other things. As I'm heading to Ireland in about a week, and I don't get the sense that there's such a groundswell of will to see this thing through here, might as well call it.
We also had a few troubles lining up materials, as Paris just inexplicably lacks certain things, like greenhouse plastic. But we had a few leads and probably would've got it sorted this week.

So that's that then. I'm going to talk to some people in Cork when I arrive, there's a fairly well established permaculture school there and maybe a bit more interest than here.
But this was always more of an experiment / temperature check than a project I was determined to see through. I simply don't yet know how viable this kind of approach to food production is in Europe and other Western countries. It won't happen until there's the will to do it, and I have doubts that currently there is. When I'm in more developing countries I imagine the dynamic will be somewhat different.
Mind you, this is Paris. If I'd really wanted to give this thing its best chance I would've gone to Copenhagen or Berlin. But I just wanted to hang out in Paris for the summer.
And now Ireland.
I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First meeting:

We now seem to have numbers, so

Next step meeting, at this stage looking like afternoon of Monday the 25th, tho this may change. More info to follow.


Nous avons maintenant semblent avoir des chiffres, de sorte
Elle commence!

Réunion La prochaine étape, à ce stade sans doute après-midi du lundi 25, mais cela pourrait changer. Plus d'info à suivre.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

J'ai rencontré permaculturalists, jardiniers guérilleros, les squatters, le mouvement Zeitgeist, les agriculteurs urbains, des artistes, des ingénieurs, des villes en transition, et tout le monde à Paris il ya à répondre.
C'est maintenant un appel ouvert pour les participants dans la construction de la première serre, être terminé d'ici début août. Nous avons un bon emplacement, de l'argent et les matériaux sont simples, nous avons juste besoin des gens.
Quand je reçois au moins quatre noms que je vais appeler la réunion de poing, et nous allons commencer.

ufcparis at gmail com

Aussi, nous avons maintenant une proposition crowdfunding travers pour couvrir le coût de la première serre:


I've met permaculturalists, guerilla gardeners, squatters, the Zeitgeist movement, urban farmers, artists, engineers, transition towners, and everyone else in Paris there is to meet.
This is now an open call for participants in building the first greenhouse, to be finished by early August. We have a good location, money and materials are basic, we just need people.
When I get at least four names I'll call the fist meeting, and we'll begin.

ufcparis at gmail com

Also, we now have a crowdfunding proposal through to cover the cost of the first greenhouse:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Went to Ecobox's permaculture fair yesterday, talked to some people involved in the scene, got some advice and expressions of interest. Hopefully meeting some guerilla gardeners this week, will let yall know about where and when, if you wanted to attend.

Also been talking briefly with a girl who's been involved with urban farming in the states, says in Detroit, Philadelphia and New York especially there's quite a scene going. So hopefully whatever we develop here can be of help. No one seems to be following the mobile greenhouse model, no real idea why...

And.. talked to a dude involved in the local Zeitgeist Movement, who reckons they've been talking up the idea of urban hydroponics for a while now, so hopefully can tie in with them as well.