Saturday, 20 November 2010

Here is the first basic design for the greenhouse. The main consideration is extreme ease of construction, and that it cost practically nothing in materials. Secondly that it maximise growable area and be easily customisable to different growing techniques, ie permaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics (combined plant and fish farming), bee hives, etc.

The design pictured has a side length of 16 meters, giving a 110 meter footprint and about 280-320 square meters of growing area, depending on use. The design is very scaleable and can be easily modified to whatever footprint is available.

Materials consist of 9 x 7 meter poles, about 262 meters of clear plastic mulch film, rope, and scrap wood for shelving, floors and stairs. All of this can be realistically recycled for free, or fairly cheap if paid for.

Click for larger view.

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