Thursday, 15 September 2011


Just a quick update on where I'm currently at.

Last month's been spent in Ireland, wwoofing on a pretty decent community called The Hollies and spending time with some good friends from Scotland.

As of yesterday tho I've arrived in Leipzig, former East Germany, for the dual purpose of prototyping a couple solar energy ideas (check for updates) and just seeing what's going on here.
So far, it seems; a lot.

I'm staying with a friend, who informs me that to buy the entire building her flat's in would set you back about €40k, with something less renovated being about half that, and less still at auction. If you come to the city with a business idea the council will offer you free office and work space. Most streets I'd say about a third to a half of the buildings have been abandoned for decades. The main commercial street near here is two thirds empty, and it remains the commercial strip because it's doing so well in having any at all.

And that's why so many people have started coming here. If you want to get a project off the ground, or try something new and need workspace, or want to build a community, Leipzig will let you, and for free.

With regards to urban farming I'm not yet sure how much is happening. There's large number of allotments around the city, but judging by them being almost entirely lawn and flowers, I'm thinking the average age of ownership would be edging up on the average life expectancy.

I'd love to see some greenhouses built here.

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