Friday, 16 August 2013

I'm still now and then having someone get in contact with me, wondering if the Paris Urban Farming Collective is still going, and whether the tripod greenhouse design worked out.
Well, it isn't, and it didn't.

I'm not currently in France, and not likely to be for a little while, but I've created a Facebook group for anyone wanting to discuss urban farming in Paris, and maybe hopefully find some others to do stuff with:

The greenhouse got taken out by a wind storm, turns out flat walls on plastic structures is stupid. So now I know that. In the time since I've been developing other bits of open source tech, most which actually seem to be working, you can see what I'm up to at
Among other things there you can find the blog where I'm posting how it's all going.

This year I'll be travelling through Australia, Asia, and the Middle East back to Europe, working with people along the way to design and implement low tech, scrap makable alternative infrastructure.
Going to be a crazy year.


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